Plank helps organizations overcome planning and scheduling problems.

We are a team of designers and developers with an academic background in mathematical optimization. We take an agile and personal approach to our projects. We communicate, we measure results, and we go the extra mile whenever we can.

Our strategies and expertise are domain-agnostic, and we are interested in challenges from all industry sectors. Get in touch!

Selected Projects
Residency Admissions System (product page)
We developed an integrated online system to manage the registration, scheduling and scoring aspects of the CaRMS process. Only in its second year, it is in use at four of Canada's largest medical residency programs.
Online Ranked Matching Tool free! (direct link)
A free, browser-based tool to help you match students to internships, medical residents to hospitals, conference attendees to talks, roommates to each other … optimally, based on everyone's preferences.
Rotation Scheduling System
One of North America's largest Family Medicine Residency programs asked Plank to tackle a core piece of their rotation scheduling. The web-based platform is a success with staff and participants alike.
Tutor Scheduling System
The largest branch of an award-winning nationwide education non-profit deals with over a hundred volunteer tutors every semester. Plank's solution assigns them where and when they are needed, optimally.

Plank was founded in 2016 and is led by Quincy Poon and Sebastian Kosch.
We are based in Toronto.

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