Plank Admissions is a web-based system that seamlessly integrates reviewer recruitment, interview scheduling, scoring and email communication. Create the best experience for everyone involved — and focus on attracting the best candidates.

Used by the University of Toronto, McMaster University, Western University, and the University of British Columbia

Plank easily surpassed our expectations … The system is comprehensive and user-friendly, with exceptional features that have been instrumental in improving the precision and efficiency of our department.

— Dr. Vanessa Rambihar
Associate Program Director – Admissions, Awards and Recruitment
Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto

Interview registrations that take care of themselves.

Let candidates, file reviewers, and interviewers register directly with the system.

  • Checkmark No double registrations, no overbooked sessions
  • Checkmark Participants receive an automatic confirmation emails after every change
  • Checkmark Preset survey open/close times
  • Checkmark Customizable and branded with your program's logo

Monitor progress in real-time.

Always know exactly where your attention is needed.

  • Checkmark Keep an eye on session registrations
  • Checkmark See who has viewed or submitted their interview registration survey – and when
  • Checkmark Know who still needs to submit their scores – and send reminders accordingly

Intelligent file review and interview assignments.

Our auto-matching algorithms take your specific criteria into consideration.

  • Checkmark Automatically assign candidates to file reviewers based on medical schools, streams, or other criteria
  • Checkmark Automatically assign candidates to interviewers based on your interview format (traditional, MMI or MPI supported)

Secure online scoring.

Scores are entered directly in the system so nothing slips through the cracks.

  • Checkmark Individual candidate's files are only visible to those assigned to review them, and only for a limited time, minimizing privacy concerns
  • Checkmark Online scoring forms customized to your rubrics
  • Checkmark Supports multi-dimensional analytic rubrics with in-depth anchors, checkboxes, numeric inputs, and free-form comments
  • Checkmark All files and scores are securely stored on your own university servers.
  • Checkmark Reviewers and interviewers can score on their personal devices: laptops, tablets, or smartphones

See scores in real time.

The single-source-of-truth for your team.

  • Checkmark View all scores given to each candidate
  • Checkmark View highlighted red flags, outliers and comments to quickly identify concerns
  • Checkmark Export final rank lists by site for quick import into CaRMS

Send emails with confidence.

See who has viewed your email – and who you need to reach out to again.

  • Checkmark Never struggle with mail merge again: 16+ merge tokens for personalized emails
  • Checkmark Functional recipient filters to send emails to targeted groups, e.g. "file reviewers who haven’t submitted their scores"
  • Checkmark Store and insert email templates for efficiency and consistency
  • Checkmark Receive responses and bounce-backs in your regular inbox (e.g. Outlook)

On interview day, run the show like a pro.

We've got the chores covered, so you can focus on your candidates.

  • Checkmark Sign-in sheets with all participants, sorted by name, registration time, rooms, and more
  • Checkmark Name tags for everyone – even the people in your open house / exhibit hall
  • Checkmark Quickly and easily accommodate last-minute changes to the interview assignments in the system

Customized to your process

We understand that one size doesn't fit all.
We will work with you to meet your program's specific needs.

Top-notch support

We guide you through the whole process, and we're available 24/7 during sign-up and interview season.

Serious about privacy &security

Everything happens on your own servers. The database is backed up nightly, and every transaction is logged.

Always improving

We are always thinking of ways to improve not just the software, but also your admissions process as a whole.

Quincy and Sebastian are an absolute pleasure to work with, not least due to their steadfast dedication to their work, ability to innovate, and their reliability and dependability. It is clear that they are highly skilled not only in their technical roles as developers, but also in forging relationships with their clients using clear communication, a collaborative and flexible approach, and an unremitting responsiveness to their needs.

— Dr. Vanessa Rambihar
Associate Program Director – Admissions, Awards and Recruitment
Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto